The Legend of Silent Pool

Award-winning Surrey Hills gin

We first came across Silent Pool, a spring-fed lake, while hiking the Surrey Hills. It is located at the foot of North Downs on the Albury Estate just outside of Guildford.

Legend has it that a woodcutters daughter who regularly bathed in the Pool is said to have drowned while being pursued by none other than King John.  It is said even today you can sometimes hear her screams at night or see her image floating on the surface of the water.

Fast forward to 2014 and the filtered spring water taken from the Silent Pool is used to make handcrafted Silent Pool Gin.  The recipe also calls for 24 botanicals  four of which come from the North Downs area, including chamomile, elderflower, honey and pear.  Apparently, they developed a winning floral blend as evidenced by a silver award at the International Wine and Spirits Competition just after its launch in 2015.

Beyond the gin itself, the botanicals are beautifully featured in cooper on the teal blue bottle (similar to the moss in the pool itself). Even if you are not a gin lover, it is hard not to be drawn to the bottle once the gin is gone you can just add water. 

The company offers 90-minute tours of their distillery complete with tasting session.  While the legend behind Silent Pool will remain a mystery, it is clear that the success of Silent Pool Gin will not. 1483 229136
Silent Pool Distillery, Shere Road, Albury, Surrey GU5 9BW

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