Best of 2018 — Part II

Top 10 posts — Part II

The best of the best from 2018

5. Terrace Dining — Finally time to enjoy Surrey’s footpaths and of course outside dining along the way

4. Pancake Day — Falls on Shrove Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras or 'Fat Tuesday' in the US - where to get your fix

3. London Theatre Sale — Tickets starting at £10/seat for over 45 shows until February

2. Poppies are back — And where you can still view them

1. Sunbury expands to Sandown — Biggest antique market bigger and better than ever

And this list doesn't include two other top posts Best of 2017 and Best of 2017 — Part II in case you need more inspiration to explore London and Surrey.

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Best of 2018

Top 10 posts — Part I

Here is a look back at the top 10 posts from 2018.  How many have you done?

10. British Holiday Traditions, Part I : Eat — Afternoon teas with a festive twist — in London there is no shortage of afternoon teas to indulge in

9. Frosty Forecast — An hour-long winter wonderland walk worth bundling up for in Surrey

8. Open House London — Free admission, including talks, tours and walks to 800 buildings in September

7. February Finds — London has half-term covered

6. Dine like Harry Potter – Hogwarts type Great Hall for less

Best of 2018 - Part II will feature the best of the best from 2018.

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