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The London via Surrey book app:
• Now features 250+ entries in three sections:
   – What to Do (10 categories)
   – Where to Eat (14 categories)
   – And More (Glossary, Tips)

• Use on iPhone, Android and/or tablet
• Updated with new information
• Includes live website and phone number hyperlinks along with Google Maps interface
• Use key words to search categories
• No in app advertising or pop up banners

How to Use

The first two to three listings of each section of the book app are included on this website. Entries are 175 words or less with many less than 75 words with the idea that you can get going. In general, the most common attractions are not listed in anticipation you have already placed them on your to-do list. Nearly half is dedicated to places to eat — a necessary and favorite pastime of mine. These lists are far from exhaustive. The hope is that it will give you some ideas of where to start based on what you like to do and eat. Sign-up to receive new entries delivered to your inbox electronically.

Each entry has a website link along with address, post code* and phone number (where applicable and available). In cases where there are multiple locations, only the website is listed. If a website is not listed, the business likely does not have one (some of the best places rely on world-of-mouth advertising or have just been too busy to bother with a web presence). Prices are subject to change at anytime so do check on-line or call for the latest information.

Having lived here for a while, there are some British words that have found their way into my vocabulary and similarly there are cultural references from my experiences in the US. When I have used a British word, I have marked an (*) by it. A glossary
is included in case some of these get lost in translation. There is also a section of tips to make living here easier from clothing to travel.

Note to Reader: I am always on the lookout for new and interesting things to do and of course places to eat. So if you stumble across one, please pass them along by sending an e-mail. It just may appear in the next post and/or in the book app. Also, if you have questions or need help with your app — feel free to send an e-mail too.


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