UK Residents

While countless London attractions welcome overseas visitors, there are two in particular where UK residency and support from your Member of Parliament (MP) come in handy.

Climb Big Ben (London)

One of the must do London activities available only to UK residents.  Take an unforgettable climb up 334 steps to the top of the Clock Tower in time to hear world-famous Big Ben chime at noon.  Your guided tour includes history of the Tower and bell as well as its inner workings.
Westminster, London SW1A 0AA

Prime Minister’s Questions (London)

Sessions take place every Wednesday when the House of Commons is sitting and the Prime Minister takes questions from MPs for about an hour. Since MPs do not normally give the prime minister advance notice of the questions they are going to ask, the sessions can be quite dramatic and entertaining at the same time. Having watched this on television and taken a tour of Parliament, I was keen to see a session from the Strangers’ Gallery (the public gallery) in person. As you might imagine, tickets for these sessions are hard to come by especially since each MP has a small allocation of tickets. Visitors may join the queue and wait one to two or more hours. Certainly a uniquely British event to watch!
Westminster, London SW1A 0AA


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