Gogh before its gone

Photo by Author of Van Gogh : The Immersive Experience

Van Gogh : The Immersive Experience closes May 2022

In recent years, immersive experiences have been gaining popularity and momentum. While the pandemic limited in-person gatherings, the additional at-home screentime seems to have fueled an appetite for unique experiences that engage the senses.

Travel back in time and experience the art and life of one of the world’s greatest artists. VanGogh : The Immersive Experience displays Van Gogh’s most famous works complete with explanations along with 3-D digital animations of reoccurring subjects that morph from one version to another, including a bust featuring self-portraits and multitude of Van Goghs' stilllifes emerge from a vase. Of course no immersive experience would be complete without the ubiquitous selfie opportunity in none other than a replica of Van Gogh’s famed Bedroom in Arles.
Photo by Author of Van Gogh : The Immersive Experience

The highlight is a room with 60 projectors that covers 15,000 square feet (over 3 basketball courts) and 360° views (on the floor and walls) of 200 of Van Gogh’s most famous pieces. The show lasts 35 minutes and runs as a continuous loop.

Video by Author of Van Gogh : The Immersive Experience

The experience is produced by Exhibition Hub, an international entertainment producer and Fever, a leading entertainment platform who have collaborated with venues around the world. Since 2017, Van Gogh : The Immersive Experience has had successful runs in Asia, Europe and the US and is currently showing in 12 major US cities, 11 European ones and 3 cities in Asia.

With 5 million+ visitors and awarded 2021 Best Immersive Experience by USA today and ranked as one of the 'best immersive experiences in the world' by CNN — what are you waiting for?

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The lines of art and entertainment further blurred — in a good way!


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