One thing I do miss from the US Southwest is great Mexican food. While you can find Indian curry shops in just about every village here, really good Mexican restaurants are rare.

Lupita (Multiple)

Located close to Embankment, this restaurant is part of the well-known El Farolito chain from Mexico. An authentic Mexican taqueria, they serve open-faced tacos and use white versus yellow cheese. Portions are typically small so you may need more than one or add a side or starter. You might try their chicharron, a crispy piece of rolled cheese served with guacamole (savor every calorie).

Wahaca (Multiple)

I am a fan of the Southbank location of Wahaca in particular, where seating is in large, reclaimed shipping containers. There is also a take away* option below with picnic table style seating. Like La Lupita the portions are a bit on the small side so you may need to order more than one, a starter or a drink. The location in Covent Garden has a foosball table to make your wait go faster.


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