Letter to Reader

Whether it was organizing high school friends to go to the circus, a group of Moms and their daughters to attend a play, an impromptu pizza party in the park for 200 or just sharing interesting places to go and good places to eat — I am that organizer person.

I’m a natural planner with a degree of spontaneity given the company, mood and weather. This planning mindset hasn't changed whether I was working or had kids in tow or not. Our family has had an opportunity to live in London and later Surrey and we have fully enjoyed what the city and surrounding areas have to offer.

This book is a collection of some of the experiences we've had as a family and others I have had with friends and people I have met along the way. Excerpts have been shared through informal e-mail with friends and after learning that they saved these e-mails and forwarded the information to others (and with their encouragement), I decided to compile and add to notes I have written during our time here.

Whether you are a visiting for a short time, living here for a few years or are local, I hope you will you enjoy London via Surrey!



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