This is the guide I wish I had when I first arrived . . .

There are lots of advice, forums, guides, websites and general support when you are in the process of moving. Perhaps the logistics of banking, housing, Internet set-up, mobile* phones and schools are out of the way (or at least in process). Or maybe very little of this staging is done because you haven't moved to your permanent home yet because you’re still in the temporary housing phase. The question that comes up is: what do I do now?

While I waiting around for the satellite TV, internet and phone engineers to show up, I wish I had this book — a guide that provides a glimpse of what to look forward to and things to get excited about.

Whether you’ve been to all the tourist sites, overwhelmed by what to do first, anxious to get it all in, or tired of taking visitors to the same places over and over again, you’ll find helpful tips to avoid the rookie mistakes. Here’s to taking advantage of what London and Surrey have to offer and getting in as much as you can!


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