A summary of the UK words and their US equivalent are listed below. An * denotes where the British word is used. You will also notice spelling differences between American and British English. British English has retained the spelling of the words based on its origin (ie France), while American English has adopted spelling based on how words sound when they are spoken.

Banger = Sausage
Bacon Bap – bacon between bread with butter or margarine
Bakewell Tart – almond and jam tart
Banoffee Pie – bananas, cream and toffee pie
Beigel = Bagel
Bit = Part
Black Pudding – blood sausage made from pork blood and oatmeal
Boot = Trunk of car
Book = Reserve
Brilliant = Outstanding
Candy Floss = Cotton Candy
Centre = Center
Chips = Fries
Cuppa = Cup
Diary = Calendar
Eaton Mess – dessert made of strawberries, meringue pieces, and cream
Fairy Lights = String lights
– light headpiece attached to comb or clip decorated with feathers, flowers, beads, etc.
Flat = Apartment
Foraging = Picking
Football = Soccer
Hire = Rent
Holiday = Vacation

Jewellery = Jewelry
Knickerbocker Glory – ice cream sundae with layers including cream, fruit, gelatin, liquor (sometimes), meringue and topped with nuts, syrup, whipped cream and a cherry
Loads = A lot of
Locks – section of a canal that is closed by gates to raise or lower water level so boats can pass from one level to another
Loo = Restroom
Lovely = Nice
Mash = Mashed potatoes
Metre = Meter
Mobile = Cellular
Post code = Zip code
Pimm’s – a gin-based alcoholic drink, served typically with lemonade or soda water and fresh mint
Proper = Good
Puddings = Dessert
Queue = To line up
Routemaster – red double-decker bus
Savory = Salty
Sledging = Sledding
Sparkling = Carbonated
Spotted Dick – steamed pudding with dried fruit
Still = Non-carbonated
Take away = Take out
Theatre = Theater
Top Up = Add value to
Tube = London Underground
Tucked = Eat eagerly
Turn Up = Show up
Yorkshire Pudding – a light, hollow roll made from an egg batter, similar to popover

Auntie Anne’s – hand-rolled pretzel chain
Cali = California
Double-headers = back–to-back baseball games
Eatzi – gourmet takeout bakery and market found in Dallas, Texas
The Fonz – fictional character played by Henry Winkler in US sitcom
Food court – an area in a shopping mall with tables and chairs where fast-food is sold
Kolache – Eastern European pastry with fillings
LA = Los Angeles
Morton's – a steakhouse that serves the top 2% of beef available in the US
Pleather – synthetic leather made out of plastic
Smashburger – known for hand-tossed fries with garlic and rosemary
Souper Salad – all-you-can-to-eat soup and salad bar restaurant
TexMex – Mexican food with American (specifically) Texan influence


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