Thanks to my dear friend Laura Mellberg for introducing me to Mod Maude and inspiring me with her blog; fellow foodie Lynn O’Brien for her recommendations of places to try; Betsy Cook Speer for sharing her expertise having written her first book; and Tracy Southwick who convinced me there would be more than an audience of one for this guide.

Lastly, just as many of you saved my many e-mails of ideas and tips, I saved each of your responses with your positive feedback and supportive comments. So thanks to each of you and all the others who joined me on the adventures that follow!

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  1. No Shunney, we (or at least I) should be thanking YOU for your energy and enthusiasm and your constant willingness to lead us to interesting and fun adventures. You've helped us to discover some cool places, engaging things to do, and delicious food to eat. Thank you for writing it down for us and sharing. I look forward to reading and doing more! Your loyal blog follower, Karen

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Karen! It has been my pleasure - just happy there are enough of you out there willing to try things that are both new and tried and true too ;)