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About Me

Five things you should know about me:

1.  Geographically challenged — I still can't remember whether to go to the right or left to catch a specific train line at Waterloo.

2.  Adventurous — I don't let #1 above phase me and am willing to try just about anything once.

3.  Not a cook (really!) — You'd think growing up in a multigenerational family of cooks, something would have stuck. The only thing that did was my love good food.

4.  Sharer and planner — I've have always shared good experiences and planning is second nature to me — the more challenging or unusual, the better.

5.  Late Technology Adapter — I am just getting used to my Mac having used a PC for years at work and figuring out the nuances of FaceBook.

When faced with the dilemma of publishing a book requiring routine updating and access for remote family and friends, I turned to creating a book app.

So here's to trying something new and as usual in a bit unconventional way!


I am always on the lookout on new and interesting things to do and of course places to eat. So if you stumble across one, please comment or e-mail me. It just may appear in the next posting or in the book app.


  1. Shunney…..the FIVE THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ME made me giggle out loud! :) You absolutely crack me up dear friend!! I love your positive attitude about EVERYTHING!! Even when you're lost….we're still laughing! :) Boy, do I miss you!!! Love this website!!

    1. I just wish the #1 wasn't so blatantly true! Luckily, I rarely travel alone ;) Thank you and so miss you too!!

  2. What a wonderful idea! Will keep my eyes open for you as I explore lower Surrey!!

    1. Thanks Missy! Yes - please do pass along any Surrey gems worth exploring!