10 Must-see shows

On sale through February 29th

The Offical London Theatre Sale is one of London's longest-running promotions for top London shows. Catch these 10 must-see shows:

  • Back to the Future (£30, £40, £50) — Checkout the movie-themed bar before the show begins or during the interval / intermission.

  • Everybody's Talking about Jamie (£30) — The show is back in London after a short debut in Sheffield, followed by a three-year West End run, successful UK / Ireland tour and performances in international cities around the world.

  • Les Miserables (£30, £50) — It is the longest running London musical and has been translated into 21 languages.  Initially, there were plans for it to be a full-scale opera — luckily this didn't happen.

  • Matilda The Musical (£30 and £50) — There is a good chance you will go home with some confetti (annually 12 million pieces are used).

  • Matilda (£40, £50) — Trafalger Theatre's 630 seat auditorium recently completed a muti-million pound restoration back to its original 1930s art deco design.
  • The Mousetrap (£10, £20, £30, £40, £50) — The longest running theatre production still features one of its original cast members and props.  The pre-recorded voice of the newsreader is of the late Deryck Guyler and the clock above the fireplace in the main hall is from opening night.

  • Phantom of Opera (£40, £50) — It is the second longest running London musical and the box office revenues are higher than any film or play in history.  The chandelier is a reproduction of the Paris Opera House chandelier and is made of 6,000 beads and weighs a ton (literally!).
  • The Play that Goes Wrong (£30, £40) — Be on the look out for special guest appearance signage before you enter the theatre — just the beginning of the silliness.
  • Tina (£30, £40, £50) — The real-life musical accurately traces the life of Tina Turner since she was involved in all aspects of the creative process. With Turner’s passing in May 2023, the musical has been extended until September 2024.

  • Wicked (£30, £40, £50) — The production uses 250 pounds of dry ice to create the fog.  The song Defying Gravity has been played by NASA to wake up astronauts in space.
Tip: Even though Lion King is currently available, try Disney Magical Mondays for £29.50 tickets.

Book now before the promotion ends until next year!


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