Favorite coffee table books

Despite an increasingly digital world, coffee table books remain popular. Here are four of my favorites:

Love London — This book features 200+ black-and-white and color photos of iconic London sites and day-day-scenes accompanied by quotes about London. Compiled by famous photographer, Barbara Chandler, described by the Evening Standard as the sharpest eye in London.  What’s not to love?

London in Bloom — Notable photographer, Georgianna Lane, captures all things floral in the capital. The book includes stunning full-color photographs of London’s floral markets, florists, gardens, parks and more. If there is nothing better than London in the sunshine, it’s on another level when it blooms!

Bonus : Lane has two other similar books - 'New York in Bloom' and 'Paris in Bloom'.

London Sketchbook : A City Observed — Over 150 pencil drawings and watercolor paintings by Graham Byfield grace the pages of this beautiful book. The informative text is broken up by architectural renderings of full facades to the smallest of details. Such a wonderful way to see London in a whole other way!

Bonus : Byfield had done similar books for Cambridge and Oxford and further afield (Amsterdam, Bali and Barcelona).

Keep Calm Carry On While there are no photos in this book, it is full of timeless, uplifting mantras, proverbs and quotes. It is hard to imagine a World World II poster by the British Ministry of Information would still be popular and hold meaning today.

It is nice to know as much as things change, there are some things that stand the test of time!


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