Gifts for Mum’s Day

March 14th and beyond

In the UK, Mothering Sunday is different each year since it is linked to Easter and determined by the lunar calendar.  The UK's Mother's Day is held on the fourth Sunday during the period of Lent. 

This year’s holiday happens to coincide with when the first UK coronavirus lockdown took place (March 16th). While a one-plus rule went into place March 8th, for many it will mark a year of not being able to see and spend time with Mum.

With the Government's advice that people continue to keep their distance, there are two gifts to let Mum you are thinking of her everyday:

Emma Bridgewater Plate
— Emma Bridgewater's Mother's Day Everyday 6-1/2” plate with green cabbage white butterflies. Well-priced at £12.95, you can buy one for all the Mums in your life.
Fortnum & Mason Tea — Limited edition Mother of All Teas Caddy is filled with 400 silky tea bags of Fortnum & Masons famous Royal Blend. While it is priced on the high-end of £195, it works out to less than 50p a cup.

While your gift may not arrive in time for Mothering Sunday, you can be early for Mother’s Day in the US — the second Sunday in May (May 9th).

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