London's Modern Architecture

30 buildings in 3-1/2 hours

London is made up of a stunning array of buildings — ranging from 17th century to present day and everything in between. Insider London’s comprehensive walking tour covers London’s hidden architectural wonders and its most iconic buildings.

The tour goes through three architectural hotspots and covers thirty buildings, skyscrapers and developments — all in 3½ hours. Learn how the city has been planned and built and get a glimpse of what is in store for London’s skyline.

Highlights include:
1) London’s tallest and most cutting edge skyscrapers
2) the latest addition to Tate Modern
3) the controversial eco-building loved by some but also named the “Worst New Building”
4) futuristic walkways intended to cover all of London
5) the influence of Roman London, St Paul’s Cathedral and WWII on London’s current layout, and St. Paul’s

Instead of looking down or straight ahead, you’ll quickly find it is worth looking up!
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