The Sculpture Park

World's largest sculpture exhibition

The Sculpture Park in Farham features 800+ sculptures representing some 300 artists. Similar to Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, it is set on 10 acres and your admission comes with a handy self-guided tour booklet, including artist name, name of piece, materials used and the price.

From the moment you arrive at the Park, contemporary and modern sculptures seemingly emerge from the somewhat wild landscape. Ceramic, bronze, cooper, glass, stone and wood are just some of the materials used in the various sculptures.

The two-mile route is marked by colored arrows starting and finishing at the reception building that houses a small gallery.  Along the way, there are strategically placed areas to sit, including raised wooden Thai huts and other areas to picnic.  While there is not an onsite cafe, Bel & the Dragon pub is located directly across from the Park and you are welcome to leave and return to later in the day.

While the pieces are not grouped by artist, you'll quickly notice multiple pieces created by the same artist.  It is worth keeping track of those that catch your eye, there may be a smaller, more budget-friendly version available for purchase in the gallery. If you are in the market to buy a full-scale piece, The Sculpture Park is one of the only sculpture specialists in the UK.

With 2,000+ pieces available for purchase and delivery anytime of year, there is something to suit everyone's taste.  Lastly, since new pieces are 
added when others are sold, there is truly 'always something new to discover'! 1428 605453
Corner of Jumps and Tilford Road, Churt, Farnham, Surrey GU10 2LH

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