Honor & Happiness

Go hand in hand

During my parents’ most recent visit to J.C. Dragon Top Elementary School in a remote area of Sichuan Province, China, they were fortunate to participate in some of the preschoolers week-long activities and teachings around moral virtues. Dragon Top was built by my family in 2003 to honor my grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Chao.

One central theme for the week was 孝, or filial piety. Filial piety means to be good to and to take care of one's parents by showing courtesy, love, respect and support. This includes honoring your family name throughout your parents’ lives as well as your own.

It is hard not to be drawn to the children at Dragon Top. The girl pictured in the middle of the photo seems to have taken the lesson quite enthusiastically! The symbolic gesture of holding two fingers up with the palm outward is a sign of happiness and positivity in Chinese culture.

A portion of the proceeds from the London via Surrey book app goes to support Dragon Top. Thank you readers and subscribers for helping me honor my family and for providing these children with valuable life-long lessons!

Warmest wishes to those you hold dear;
And look forward to returning with posts in the New Year!

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