Valentine's Day

Three ways to get your chocolate fix

Choccywoccydooah (Multiple) — If you are a chocoholic like me, this is the place to get your fix. The store is literally filled from floor to ceiling with chocolate. For a special treat, book the secret room above their flagship shop in London. I am not exaggerating when I say that they will serve you more candy and chocolate than you can possibly eat in one sitting.
Monty Bo Jangles Truffle Bar (Reigate) — There are simply no words to describe these award-winning French cocoa dusted truffles. A limited selection is available from local grocery stores, speciality shops and on-line. The full array can be found at their first and only retail shop and truffle bar in Reigate. In addition to truffle sampler selection (choice of six), they serve up decadent made-to-order truffle hot chocolate, crumpets drizzled with truffles and thin crepe-like pancakes made with melted truffles and topped with whip cream - well worth a trip!
W + H 'Well + Happy is is all about health, happiness and chocolate. They all go hand in hand, and in our opinion should never be separated' - a motto I can get totally behind! They are best known for their raw chocolate bars that are made without refined sugar and are dairy- and gluten-free.  These guilt-free treats can be found on-line, in Selfridges food hall, healthy cafes as well as in fitness studios and spas.
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