Four Unique Gift Ideas

Give the gift of experience

It could be a function of my age or simply that there is little that anyone on my list actually needs. I found two items to customize . . .

Glassblowing (West Horsley)

I have always wanted to try this, but found it too expensive and time-consuming. This introductory glass ornament-making workshop was neither. I took my kids and they each made a custom ornament in colors of their choice. The artist was patient made sure even the smallest was successful in creating a bauble. 1483 375035
Adam Aaronson Glass Studio, Foxbury Barn, Epsom Road, West Horsley KT24 6AR

Perfume Making (Multiple)

Ever wondered how signature fragrance similar to the likes of Victoria Beckham and JLO are created? After an introduction to 18 blends created by their Master Perfumer, we had a chance to sample, test and combine them to create a signature fragrance of our own to take home with us. Following the session, the fragrance formulas and names were officially registered to make it possible to order in the future.

. . . and another two I can go along and enjoy too!

Mind the Gap Tours (Multiple)

Ride a bike to Hampton Court or Windsor Castle. They supply bikes, helmets, return transport and a fun, knowledgeable guide. Plan on a leisurely ride through the Surrey Hills with picturesque stops along the way. They also do historical tours of London’s best pubs — walking of course!

Paddleboard (Sunbury-on-Thames)

If you are looking for a new challenge while enjoying the river landscape, this is worth a try. Fortunately, the board was remarkably stable and I quickly found a sense of calm and focus - different from that of being in a studio. The session included an introduction to paddleboarding, paddleboard yoga and core yoga moves. Be prepared to work your core and experience a bit of an adrenaline rush from being just a little scared too.

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