Get Your Game On

Five outings that will keep you guessing

Denbies Wine Estate (Dorking) — England's largest vineyard located just outside in the Surrey Hills offers 'public' events and themed evenings. Participating in a murder mystery dinner has been on my bucket list for some time and Denbies cleverly orchestrated Murder at Lovelace Manor was a perfect introduction. After witnessing the ‘murder’, we were divided into teams and given a suitcase of clues. The suspects presented their stories before each course and we were free to interview them through the course of the evening. Each team came to a consensus on the murderer and the winning team was selected and presented with a bottle of bubbly. +44 1306 876616
London Road, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6AA

Geocaching (Multiple) — Number 49 out of 50 on National Trust's 'Things to do before your 11-3/4' is Geocaching. Before smartphones, you had to rely on a physical somewhat clunky GPS, but now all you need is to download an app and you are ready to go. Basically, you follow coordinates and clues to find a hidden box known as 'caches'. Inside you'll find a log book and potentially trinkets left by others before you. Apparently, Geocaching is even popular among celebrities with Anthony Bourdain, Melissa Joan Hart and Hugh Jackman all playing along.

Hint Hunt (London) — Take an hour of your life and try out this fun escape game. You and two to four of your friends get locked in a room with the task of solving a puzzle by finding codes, clues and hidden items as a 60-second timer winds down. This experience is completely original and worth booking. They also have Cape Town and Paris locations in case you happen to be in these cities. 2036 893188
72-76 Eversholt Street, London NW11BY

Liar Liar (London) — Whether you are a local or tourist, this tour is entertaining and fun. You are divided into teams and at each stop the guide tells three stories - two true and one false. The goal is to pick out the false one to earn a point. Our stops included where Harry Potter scene was filmed, where Lord Mayor of London lives and where Roman Gladiators fought. The guides also lead a host of other entertaining and historical tours in London. 7956 601697

Moriarty’s Game (Multiple) — This unguided tour is a mix between Hint Hunt and Liar Liar. You are sent clues via text prepared by Professor James Moriarty of Sherlock Holmes. Once sending the correct answer you are sent the next clue. At first it feels strange to be discreet in public places and in other locations announce 'we're here for the game'. Ten minutes are added to your time for incorrect answers and requesting hints. Since the competition is based on time, you can stop the clock for food and drink breaks even when competing against other teams. If once is not enough, they offer seven other similar clued-ridden tours in London. 2071 128951

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