Shakespeare 400

A year-long celebration commemorating Shakespeare ends soon

Here's a few ways to be part of the 400th anniversary bash:

  • Shakespeare Globe — Shakespeare's Globe will present a pop-up cinema and the final performances of Hamlet over the April 23-24 weekend. The Complete Walk will feature 37 plays in 37 films on 37 screens. The 10-minute long films will be played continuously on a 2.5 mile route along South Bank between Westminster and Tower Bridge. The Globe will also present the last four performances of Hamlet. The world tour has included performances in 196 countries to a record 100,000 people.
  • 2074 019919
    21 New Globe Walk, Bankside, London, SE1 9DT
  • The Rose Playhouse — If you want to get a true feeling of what it was like to visit the theatre during Shakespeare's time, this is the place to go. Built in 1587, it was abandoned by 1606 when more popular theatre venues, such as the Globe (reconstructed today) were built. Two thirds of the original foundations were excavated by archeologists in 1989, but remain under water to preserve it. The likes of Lawrence Olivier and Judi Dench were key to saving Bankside's first Tudor Theatre from being built over. The small, intimate space seats 50 with actors performing along the perimeter. Dress warmly thought since there is no heating. There is no interval during performances since there are no toilets on-site. Your £12 ticket will go to preserving a piece of London theatre history. Much Ado About Nothing plays until April 29th.
  • 2072 619565
    56 Park Street, London, SE1 9AR
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