European: French, Italian & Spanish

London’s proximity to France, Italy and Spain makes native ingredients and dishes easily accessible. Bon appetite!, ¡buen provecho Buon appetito!

Barrafina (Multiple)

The owners have re-created their favorite restaurant from Barcelona in London. They do not take reservations, but you can order drinks while you queue. While queueing, you can
set your drink down on a slender ledge along the wall and hang your belongings on the conveniently located hooks underneath the ledge. With only 23 stools surrounding the L-shaped bar, the key is to queue early. We watched guests being turned away as they were running low on dishes at their Soho location.

Gauthier Soho (London)

This is a Michelin-starred small French restaurant with a reasonably priced lunch menu. The place has the feel of a home (in fact you have to a ring a doorbell to be admitted in). The menu also lists the calories for each dish. The Golden Louis XV is worth all 480 calories. 2074 943111
21 Romilly Street, London W1D 5AF

José Sherry & Tapas Bar (Multiple)

This restaurant has a similar queuing set-up to Barrafina. The restaurant does away with printed food menus and instead lists the day’s dishes on chalkboards (unless you know Spanish you will need help translating). Everything we had was delicious. Their great selection of Sherrys and wine easily pair with the many dishes, so enjoy!


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